It’s FEBRUARY and you know what that means! Happy BLACK HISTORY MONTH! I support BLACK BUSINESS all year long but I always go HARD in February.

We went to one of Nee Nee’s food spots! She chose “SHAD’S KICKIN CAJUN” … the Los Angeles Times did an article about him… and pulled up so we had to as well and check it out ­čÖé

BLACK HISTORY MONTH for me means self empowerment. It allows me to view into the past creators, inventors, and forward thinkers. What I like most, is I get a chance to celebrate MY heritage with the world!

This was shot like a day or 2 ago, just trying to keep the daily vlogs consistent. I’m out LIVING and ENJOYING life. I’ve given you all MULTIPLE FREE FOREX VIDEOS to change your life as well…

Go do something with all of the KEYS TO SUCCESS… Over 30+ videos. Anyway, just keep everyone updated! MORE videos to come… you knowwww!!!!


Reach out whenever ! Let’s connect or collab! Always open to NEW IDEAS.


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