How to check the blood pressure manually (Dongguk University Los Angeles)

Place the stethoscope earpieces in your ears with the ear pieces facing forward pointing towards the tip of your nose.

To begin, place the cuff on your bare upper arm 1 inch above the bend of your elbow, pull the end of your cuff so that it’s evenly tight around your arm.

You should place it tight enough so that you can only slip two finger tips under the top edge of the cuff. Make sure your skin doesn’t pinch when the cuff inflates.

Once the cuff is on, place the disk of the stethoscope face down, under the cuff, just to the inner side of your upper arm, squeeze the pump rapidly, until the gauge reads 30 points above of your usual systolic pressure, be sure to inflate the cuff rapidly, stop squeezing, turn the knob on the pump towards you counter-clockwise to let the air out slowly.

Let the pressure fall 2 mm or lines on the dial per second while listening for your heart sounds. Note the reading when you first hear a heart beat, this is your systolic pressure. Note when you no longer hear the beating sounds…this is your diastolic pressure rest quietly and wait about 1-2 minutes before taking another measurement.

Record your numbers either by writing the information down or entering the information into an electronic personal health record.

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– 48 clinical units (960 clinical hours)
– 30 didactic units (300 lecture hours)
– 2 clinical units (40 clinical hours)
– 243 didactic quarter units (2,430 hours)
– 50 clinic units (1,000 hours)

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